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HTML & CSS: A 30-Day Adventure

I’ve decided that it’s high time to brush up on some coding basics. I miss starting out, green in my career, being familiar with code, ui design and print production equally well. Though, after several years of practicing print and interactive design, I’m finding that the interactive side has been slowly taking over the playing field, while print is slowly becoming a missed loved one in my day-to-day. The print skills are priceless to possess (though ironically i’m still paying out of my ears for the lessons), however I’m feeling a pull to expand my design language, and get back into code.

It didn’t take long for me to find a solid set of tutorials to take on the task; there are tons available. Javascript, HTML… you name the language, there is a generous organization ready to teach it to you, for cheap or even free. I’m looking to start here. Jeffrey of Tuts+ has posted a series videos that walk the user through the very first steps of creating a new website, through tasks of slicing your own PSDs, etc. I’m on Day 7, and so far so good.