Curly Hair and Humidity…

Well, actually it’s all about dew points. And I’ve got a headful of the kinky, teeny curly stuff that responds every which way to them. While doing a little bit of reading on humectants and why they are so great for your hair in the warmer seasons, and not so great for your hair during the drier, colder months, I came a cross a fantastic article by Pittsburgh Curly that clarifies the topic:

“Dew point bleow 15 – very dry. Use as much moisture and emollients as you hair can handle without overconditioning. Many will have to expect a looser curl pattern at this point. For those who like to occasionally straighten their hair, this is a good time for it since you may have less curl to fight.

Dew point 15-30 – Dry, add moisture and emollients. Limit or cut out humectants.

Between 30-40 can be iffy. Some people can tolerate more humectants. Other cannot. Very trial and error in this range.

Between 40-60. Prime curly range. You should get some curl without that summer frizz. Find a balance between moisture and humectants that works for you.

Dew point 60 and up, you’ll need less moisture (usually) and more humectants to help keep the environmental moisture out of your hair, causing that summer frizz. Even those who like moisture will not need as much of the heavy stuff as they did in the winter. This is the time for your hard hold gels. Once the dew point gets past 70, it’s pretty miserable anyway, so you may just feel better putting you hair into an updo. ”

Dew Points


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