What is Design Worth?

Too often I’ve heard some variation of the following conversation, “Designers make things look pretty.”
“What does that mean to you?”
“Well, they make things look good.”
“You mean, understandable? Usable?”

“Yeah. Whatever.”

Historically, we haven’t used metrics to communicate the value of design in business development, so as designers we are constantly tasked with making it clear for the misinformed that it is more than art and cool pictures we’re bringing to the table. “It’s rational…” Using our methodologies to solve problems with solutions that are practical, relatable, and understandable is a skill set that goes beyond skinning and decoration. Which camp are you in? Do you find yourself in conversation wondering why things like typography and space have such a huge impact on a piece of work? Or do you find you’re often defending that design is not the same as art is not the same as decoration?


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