Forward Warrior

Driving home through Cabbagetown from running errands, and I stumbled across the most captivating thing… Artists! Scaffolding! And paint, oh. My. I made my way home to park the car and walked back to the event to take in all of the work that was being done on the walls that run along the backside of the neighborhood. 

I thought this was possibly a Living Walls performance, but it turns out it was an annual painting session where the artists create their pieces across the two days of the weekend. I soon learned this event is called Forward Warrior. 

While walking around and looking at all of the amazing work that was being created, I came across a T-shirt stand and thought, “Cool. This would be a neat opportunity to support the group and pick up a cool addition to the wardrobe. I’m in.” While there, I chatted a bit with the event organizer and learned more about the group’s mission and the work they’re doing around the community.  

Unexpected inspiration is the best.


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