New Tools

New Tools

I learned about a couple of new tools this week that I see coming in handy right away. Doing a lot of intranet work, I’m always in need of some sort of stock avatar and something a little more than “John Doe” to support it: UI Faces and UI Names

“The New Face of Design”

Designers are born with an identity crisis—it’s the nature of all we desire to be and do. We are strategists, implementers in any media or form and successful entrepreneurs. We want a seat at the CEO’s table when business decisions are made, to hold our own in an argument with the McKinsey consultant, to understand [...]

Cheryl Heller

Thank you, Logitech.

Thank you, Logitech.

Finally, a USB cable with a thoughtful design. These suckers can be tricky to pull out of a port if for some reason you’ve slippery fingers…  

Pablo Picasso

“Madame, it took me my entire life.” – Pablo Picasso A lot of my friends are familiar with this line of the popular exchange between Picasso and one of his clients. Lesson learned? Have confidence in your talent; as commercial artists, our experience is undermined on a regular basis. Know your worth and kick an [...]

If You Build It, They Will Scroll.

Traditional Media Have you ever heard of the phrase “above/below the fold”? This term is historically related to a design practice in newspaper printing that ensured featured content was placed toward the top of an oversized sheet of the publication paper. Once the paper was folded in half and stacked, the paper would then present to readers [...]