For me, inspiration comes from so many sources. I’m especially in constant awe of exhibitions of art and design that surround me everyday. A concert poster, some chalk on the sidewalk, a really great conversation with a friend about music culture… I enjoy taking it all in and sharing it back, especially in the space of Communication Design. Another influential aspect of my everyday experience is food. No, this project will not contain the ramblings of a restaurant-obsessed eater, but alternately a celebration of how this fundamental substance helps fuel my growth and creative thinking. I find often that I turn to food analogies when telling stories or sharing a design process. It’s a topic of common ground that is relatable.

Innovation in technology is another big one. New tech allows us to create and share like we never have in years past, and it’s changing how we interact with one another, every day! It’s offering opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live more enriched lives… It’s connecting friends and family… For every successful concept or product we see in the technology space, there has been someone, somewhere who dared to take the time to investigate a problem that needed solving, and considered the needs and wants of those impacted.

All of the time, these interests combine from one day to the next. And I’d like to create a series that celebrates them. For example, sharing photos with family from a social media feed while eating dinner… Triple win. Why not cover content that embraces all of these areas? I think it will be interesting to see what developes, and hope to learn a little more about my peers and my environments in the process.