“No. I’m not tired. Are you tired?”

So, it’s Memorial Day weekend—the weekend of my 26th birthday. The beau came up with an amazing vacation/birthday present for the both of us to celebrate; Manahattan, here we are! Well, the trip’s been great. I’ve only been to NYC once before and have been anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to go. Yummy food has been found and eaten, good music enjoyed and the people watching—it doesn’t get any better than this island, folks. All that said to lead to the most awesome feature… The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue! It’s after midnight at our hotel room, and I don’t know how or why it came up, but we’d realized out of all of the photos we’d taken, we’d missed on of the most important shots of all. “Check out store hours, Andy! We have to stop by before we fly out!”

24/365. The dang store is open all day… all night.

I almost wanted to cry.


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