So, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with a gadget… probably more so because of the effort that goes into producing the convenience. Let me explain: about a year ago, I came across a funny little contraption called a Keyport. I was reading articles and finding all kinds of nifty utilities to make the process of ridding my lifestyle of clutter, and at the time this tool was in it’s prototype phase. It’s a tool that consolidates all of your keys into a single unit, a slider amounting to the size of a large pack of gum. Pretty neat, right. Right. Well, “if you’re interested in hearing more about the Keyport, keep in touch and provide us with your email address so we can send you updates…”

So I did.

Long story short, I received an invite to order. “Hallelujah! What are my next steps…?” A couple of trips to the locksmith and a hop-skip to the mailbox later, the keyport is in my hands and ready to use. The unit utilizes the generic keys called “blades”. They’re basically blank keys without the heads. You have to have your local locksmith identify the model numbers for the keys you want to use inside of the Keyport, complete a form from the Keyport website, scan and email/fax to place the order. Then they send you the goods to take back to the locksmith… From there, you just assemble. Sounds like a lot of steps, but if you have a lot of keys (up to six fit inside of the Keyport), it’s worth it.

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