Feature: My Decision to Purchase the HTC Aria

As I’ve recently announced to my Facebook family, I am newly iPhone 4-less: “Someone mend my broken heart. I am officially iPhone 4-less. Brand loyalty has encouraged me to turn a blind eye to the frequently dropped calls, sensor disruptions, and a number of other glitch-y inconsistencies, and I’ve hit my limit. It just doesn’t compare to my trusty 3G. I’m not turning away for good, but am taking the opportunity to explore some Android goodness.”

I’m typically a second release kind of girl… waiting for the first, then second generation to develop then go on sale. I decided the best purchase for me, the best introduction to a smartphone would be the iPhone 3G. Lots of kinks were worked out from the previous model, and the new version came alongside new software to boot! Fantastic for my first smartphone experience.

So, naturally I understood the iPhone 4 to be the next step up. I was mistaken. The new software, the new features; if you talk with any Apple Store employee, they’ll relay that it’s pretty much a rebuild from the ground up. Unfortunately, with the amazing rebuild come new glitches and new kinks. After weighing the pros and cons of keeping the phone for the next 2-3 years, I decided to take the opportunity to take a break from the iPhone line for a while and explore some other options.

:: gasp! ::

The research begins. It’s pretty common knowledge that mobile software developers have been stepping up their game since the release of the iOS. The design, the fluidity, and intuitiveness, IMO cannot be beat. Though, (after some soul-searching) I’ve found that the Android community has been working all the while, creating some great things for their phones on the market.

“Oh, my ignorance and blind satisfaction! You mean Apple isn’t the only team working in telecom???”

After several weeks with my Aria, my general experience is as follows:

I wonder if the phone can do this… I wonder if the phone can do that. Well, it can, and it does and if it’s missing there’s “an app for that”. Gee, that sounds familiar. Dropped calls? Nada. Stalled OS? Not a bit. I have to admit I’m quite the happy camper. And I’m left to wonder what the future holds for the next iPhone, but for now all is well in the neighborhood.

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