Attention Target Shoppers…

How many times have you been caught saying, “I’m just picking up some _____. I’ll be right back.” My fellow Target shoppers know darn well that you can’t just pick up a single something at Target. You go for deodorant, you leave with half of the health/beauty section packed into your back seat. What is it about this store that makes it so easy to roam and find “just a couple of things for the bathroom/kitchen?

I’ve been known to avoid picking up a hand basket, just so I can force myself to be limited to what I can carry on my person around the store… though I do have long arms, strong hands and a stubborn demeanor. Let’s stop kidding ourselves: just get the dang shopping cart on the way in; save a lot of guilt and make it easier to unload the piles of cereal and body wash you’ll inevitably accumulate.

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