The Practice of Being Real

This morning, I was reading from a book of daily reflections (it’s a collection of encouragements by Mark Nepo my beau lent me a while back), and this passage really resonated with me:

“It is so simple and yet so brave to say that we’re hurt when we are hurt, that we’re sad when we are sad, and that we’re scared when we are scared.”

With everything that is going on with the pandemic and global quarantining, I feel the messages I’m seeing are generally split between two attitudes. One I’m finding more in professional environments, and the other in more personal environments.

1 | We’re all in this together, so let’s do the best we can to help one another get on with life as usual while practicing social distancing and good hygiene.

2 | Our lives have been turned on their sides, so let’s embrace these changes, feel the feelings and reset expectations for the new normal.

I’m finding myself leaning on the support of both, knowing that in some capacity life as I know it will be different, impacted by the isolation, anxiety and shift in general priorities that drive my habitual behaviors. The first sentiment gives me direction and the second gives me hope that there are people that understand the importance of being simply human and creating space for whatever it is that comes up while coping and adjusting your every day from here going forward.

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