This Hanger May Be Wasting Your Time

I don’t have an epic ton of clothing in my closet, but it’s not sparse in there either. It’s a place that I used to once enjoy exploring and putting together interesting ensembles. Lately, I’m finding more pleasure in optimizing combos and focusing on pieces that make me feel good. I’ve toyed with the idea of donating it all and paring down to a handful of items that operate as sort of a uniform of sorts, but I think that may have been too extreme a direction to go, since I have yet to achieve that level of minimalism. That said, I’d like to continue to trim down the amount of items I have to create even MORE room to make the shuffling around a bit easier for my morning routine and sanity.

As I’ve watched my closet space grow and the number of empty hangers increase over time, I stopped and realized recently that I don’t mind the closet gaze so much as I do the moving shirts and skirts around on the pole when trying to figure out the what-to-wear solution. The dang thangs get tangled upon one another, and the mess continues with a duel to the death between a blouse and some random pair of pants that ends with one or both pieces on the floor. Well, you know that one friend who always seems to instigate the drama in an argument? I discovered the plastic version of him, and found that one hanger in particular was always on one side of the scuffle.

You guys… I’ve got 99 problems, and a hanger tangle ain’t one. These bad boys (plus a few others already sorted out) are on their way to the donation box, and I’ve added three seconds back to my morning. Y’all, I’m having a Monday of a Friday this week, and this solution feels like it’s changed the world. I’ll take it! Do you recognize this hanger design? Have you had to break up shirt fights in the closet recently? Take stock of what’s on the pole and consider saying goodbye to this time-waster.

Good riddance

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  • I know those hangers. For me they exist solely to make sure whatever shirt I try to pull from the closet pulls back.