Two mugs of egg nog and the word "yum".

Preparing for Egg Nog Season… NOT PSL Season.

… at least not in our house. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a few months out, and a few days in August are the only time I’m guilty of planning for the holidays ahead of the commercial jump start we’ve all grown to embrace or tolerate. A few years ago, I started prepping a batch of homemade egg nog to have around for the holidays. It’s fun to make, and in my opinion, tastes better than mixing the store-bought varieties with whiskey. (Or whatever your favorite combo may be.) Now, it’s about time to get started! I’ll likely be making a couple batches this year, so we can give some away as gifts in November. This recipe by Alton Brown has been my favorite, and when aged a few months in the fridge, it comes out SUPER smooth. Going into the fridge, the booze packs an intense punch to the mouth, and no one likes a glass of violent egg nog so I think it’s important to prepare early. Cheers to patience and a sweet upcoming November.

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