The Last Supper


Tomorrow is my appointment with the oral surgeon, yes. It is high time to get these wisdom teeth removed. All four came in – two with mild irritation over time and the others perfectly fine. All four will be coming out, two by being partially impacted and the others guilty by association. This week has been a cluster of mixed feelings regarding the procedure. They’ve mostly consisted of worries for the unknown regarding the overall experience.

I will be fine. I will be fine. I will be fine.

I am fully aware that I will be in more than capable hands, as this surgeon is one of the top-rated in the city. But of course, this does nothing to satiate my I-want-it-to-be-next-week whining. Why? Because it is a situation that is happening TO me and I have absolutely no control; I’ve only the understanding that I’ve made the best decision for my future health. Why else? Well, I’m going to be without baked goods for a good part of a month.

Knowing that my menu over the next several weeks is going to be that of a somewhat softie variety, I’ve taken today to fill my plates with protein and lots of filling, healing foods. This evening included a trip to the farmers market where I piled on the broccoli, turkey, and other yummies.

I’ll miss you solid food… at least until next time.

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