Driving in the Rain

The commute on my way in to work this morning was a little bit sticky. Whenever it rains, Atlanta goes into a panic resulting in car accidents at every turn. Driving in and around the city traffic for years, I’d say I’ve learned a lot about the general habits of the drivers around me.

However, I’ve never understood why people insist on cutting off tractor-trailer drivers. These vehicles tend to carry MASSIVE loads of cargo, and they need the extra space ahead of them preserved for stopping safely! The faster they move, the more space they need… just like your typical sedan or suv. If they’re going 40mph in the rain on the interstate, and they’re leaving about 200 ft of room from the car in front of them there’s good reason. It’s not a handy space for people to dip in and out of… unless you don’t mind getting rear-ended. Common sense, people. Common sense.

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